Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Ran Like A Rock Star!

Had a great 23 hours in CamSur (flew in Saturday 3 pm, flew out Sunday 2 pm) over the weekend. Now I can say that provincial races  - if properly organized - are MUCH better than races in snobbish Metro Manila. The scenery is picturesque, the air is pristine, no motorists that get furious over road closures, and awesome crowds that line the route. 

Ah yes, the CamSur crowd.  I have been racing for over a year now, and not until last weekend have I ran before spectators that were as warm, friendly, and hospitable as the people who lined the CamSur route. They smiled, cheered, clapped, waved, and greeted runners with a warm "Good Morning!" They manned the hydration and aid stations with the zeal and zest of true volunteers, and gave all passing runners a lot more than an energy boost or an adrenaline rush. They waved flags, carried hand-made signs, gave words of encouragement, reached out to give low-fives, and made even an average runner like me feel like a frigging rock star. If only to experience all of these, every runner ought to have a CamSur race in his bucket list. My only regret from the weekend is that I did not have a camera with me during the run to take pictures of all the friendly faces that lined most of the 42-kilometer route. 

As mentioned in my post-race mobile post, I finished the CamSur marathon in 5:18. Still way off my sub-5 goal, but it's totally fine - no skin off my back at all. Sub-5 marathon or not, this first-time CamSur visitor had a grand time running through the fields and the friendly villages. Special thanks to Marian, a fellow 6:1 Galloway marathoner who paced with me throughout the run, and who will in all likelihood nail that sub-5 before I do.

Here are some souvenir pics from my wonderful 23 hours in CamSur. Cebu, can you top this in 2011? I'm going to find out for myself.

Laying out the red carpet - band and dancers at the runway to welcome runners.

The mandatory "self-portrait" - in the shuttle to the hotel
Runners are welcome at the Avenue Plaza Hotel 

Gear up!

Carbo-loading at Grissini's with pizza and pasta, plus some beef carpaccio for protein

Never go to bed without chamomile tea and chocolate sans rival

A few meters to the finish line

Marathon No. 3 - Done!!!

With Bam, my ever-supportive wife

Post-race Pinoy brunch at Red Platter -
inihaw na liempo, inihaw na pusit, sinigang na salmon belly, and steamed white rice 
Thank you, CamSur! You deserve a medal, too!


  1. Congratulations, Atty. Jules! Forgot to thank you enough for your assistance during my 'distress run'! Sa dami ng tumulong, nakalimutan na tuloy kita. Appreciate your encouragement during the race. Hope to bump on you again!:-)

  2. @ Sir Rene - Don't mention it. I know you would have done the same for me and every other runner who needs help - and you proved it in CamSur. 'Til the next marathon! Go Jazzrunner!

  3. snobbish Metro Manila? You don't say man. Way to go on your 3rd Marathon Julius. Thanks for sharing the experience. I am sure that my wife will be armed with the camera come Nov 14th. That is the filipino way. Take as many freaking pictures as humanly possible. Carbo Loading looks delicious, muy sarap! Nice medal too. Bet you can't wait till the next one. Take care man.

  4. Congrats Julius! ya,still no sub 5 for us, but it's ok! kakalokah ang init eh! anyway,THANK YOU SO MUCH for pacing me.As i've promised i'll be one of your support crew in MARCH (BDM 102K) hahaha wala ng atrasan!

  5. @ Marian! - I edited the post to get the spelling right. Sorry, nabibingi yata ako while running. :) I should be the one thanking you for pacing with me. I would have fallen to 5:30 if it weren't for your encouragement during the last 4 or 5 kms. Thanks a lot! How's the hubby? Hope he's ok, and give him my regards.

    As for BDM - I think I will have to take you up on your offer. :) I feel more confident knowing I'll have an experienced marathoner in my support team. A much bigger thanks for that. 'Til the next race! Go Galloway!

  6. saw your splits in the Camsur race results. I guess you were going for negative split but I heard the heat in Camsur was a killer. Still, a 7:30/km even pace is a great finish! Congrats pare!

  7. @ Roelle - Pare, sayang, you missed a great race! My legs were fine until the finish, but the heat was really what slowed me down. Excuses, excuses hahaha! Thanks for dropping by!

  8. happy to hear from hubby that you attended BR's BDM session :) will see you there one of these days :)

  9. @ Bea - Yep, see you at one of the sessions. This is it - no more turning back! :)

  10. congrats, atty jules! you are doing great!