Friday, October 1, 2010

Adidas Adizero Mana 5 and the Heart of a Champion

My Ateneo Blue Eagles finally nailed the elusive three-peat yesterday.  To celebrate my alma mater's accomplishment, I got myself the sleek and light-as-a-feather Adidas Adizero Mana 5 - in Ateneo Blue, of course. These are classified as lightweight stability racers, and are designed for a mild over-pronator and mildly flat-footed runner like me. 

The flyer said these shoes are designed to make you go "crazy fast."  I don't need to become crazy fast.  I just need to become faster. I know, I know. It's not the shoes, it's the training, and perhaps even the genes.  I'm no elite, though, and I'll gladly accept any advantage that comes my way.  But please make it come in blue and with three stripes. :)

I have two months to break these babies in before my next marathon, the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore on 5 December.  That ought to be enough time for me to find out whether the Mana can send my current race shoes, the adidas Adizero Tempo, to retirement.

Test runs and shoe review to follow.

And to the Blue Eagles - you have again made us old-timers proud.  One Big Fight!

Source: by Rick Olivares


  1. Have fun breaking them in. Best wishes in Singapore. I am tempted with buying the ASICS DS trainer, as I tried them on, they felt like a "go faster" type shoe. I appreciate the cushioning and extra support of my ASICS 2150's, but sometimes, they can be quite annoying. Take care, train harder than hard.

  2. One Big Fight! I am a big fan of yours. God bless you! I think I may have seen you in Burgos Circle tonight but was scared to go up to you. I hope I have the courage next time.
    -- Apple French Toast

  3. OBF! Im a fan too!
    --- Halo-halo

  4. "Apple French Toast" and "Halo-Halo" - Nice try hahaha!

  5. Oh I think shoes that cool looking can definitely make you faster!

  6. Nice toy Julius! but i don't like the color!im a green fan.hehehe. Peace!
    --Banana split este Marian :)

  7. Congrats to your Blue Eagles on the 3peat, dude! Congrats also on your new, quick and blue Manas! I'm thinking of going back to Adizeros once my Asics gets all beaten up, which is gonna be soon by the looks of it!! Good luck in Singapore! Keep moving forward!