Friday, April 23, 2010

Brew City Run

After three days here in Milwaukee, I finally found time to run. It was really cold yesterday - about 4°C at the time of my run - but I decided to head out anyway because the weather forecast says there will be some rain in the coming days. I also figured that I better do it because my workload next week might be heavy, and I'll be flying to California next weekend to visit my brother. It was a boneheaded move on my part because of the weather, but I'm glad I did it anyway.

The atmosphere was great - I encountered countless other runners along the way. It seems to me that, since there's not much to do here, people just run. Everyday. Some were bundled up just like me, while others were in running attire that seemed better suited for running in tropical climate. Amazingly, my running tights and the long-sleeved compression top that I bought here somewhat held up against the cold.

I originally planned to do at least 10k but the cold was just too much for me to handle. I ended up logging only 8.46k in 1:08:52, with a very easy pace of 8:08 min/k. The temp was at 4°C, but each time the wind blew, it felt as if the temp had even dropped several degrees. And trust me, it was VERY windy yesterday.  It was so cold that, when I got back to the hotel, I was coughing and wheezing, and I had red rashes all over my torso. 

I started my run outside my hotel's driveway and I headed straight for the path fronting Lake Michigan. The lakefront featured a very nice running path that stretched almost endlessly.  The Milwaukee skyline was majestic. The scenery was magnificent.

The path also included some trails, which are part of Veterans Park.

The lakefront also featured several landmarks. The one that clearly stood out was the Milwaukee Museum of Art. This building was designed by the same architectural firm behind the Opera House in Sydney, Australia. It was truly a sight to behold.


On the way to the lake, I ran through several blocks that were lined with very regal buildings that were attractions in themselves. The architecture made it feel as if I was running not just in another country, but in another era.

Do I prefer running in extremely cold weather over doing so under the scalding heat of the Manila sun? Yes and no. Yes, because the cool temperature kept me strong. It felt as if I never got tired, and that I could have gone on for a much longer distance. I also did not feel thirsty during and even after my run.  I guess this is because I hardly broke a sweat.  This brings us to the reason why I also don't like running in extremely cold weather.  Can you imagine running without breaking a sweat? It was so hard to get into some kind of flow, some kind of rhythm.  But then again, it's probably because I was not properly attired.  That said, running in cold weather forces one to wear layer upon layer of clothing - to the point that running doesn't feel "natural" anymore.  I have recently taken to running with only the "essentials" on - base layer clothing, a moisture-wicking top, shorts, socks, shoes (ok, plus my usual cap and watch). Yesterday, however, I was forced to wear three layers of clothing and a beanie. Believe you me, I was in awe of the runners who wore only shorts and a shirt despite yesterday's weather condition.

The details of my run are posted here and in my Last Run page.  I also have some pictures I took during the run.  Weather permitting, I will do a 30k LSD this Sunday. And then I'll have some material for another post.

I hope I did not bore you with this utterly long post and numerous pictures.  I actually think I'm doing you guys a service because, really now, does anybody ever go to Milwaukee? :)


  1. Juluis,
    First off, I want to thank you very much for regularly visiting my site. Salamat Po! I appreciate and take to heart the comments that you leave behind. This post was not utterly boring in the least. I loved the photography. I did not know this about the city of Milwaukee. The only thing I knew about this place was the beer. lol. (and the temps are cold) Here in PA, the temps are in the mid 60s right now. Nice weather. I hate running in the cold weather because the more I layer up, like you said, the less natural the run becomes. I become slower too, like what happened to T2000 in Terminater 2 at the end before he blew up in to bits and pieces. lol. From the pics, though, it seems you are having a grand time of it. Wish you could fly down here, but CA is much nicer. Though I have scouted up some amazing trails here. I enjoyed the numerous photos. Can't wait to run in the Manila Sun (I think). Take care and enjoy yourself. Looking forward to the next posting from "Life is a highway" - I want to run it all night long, as in BDM102!

  2. Nice run route. If i'd ever be given a chance to go to Milwaukee, I would...and would run like forever. Boredom is just a state of mind. There's just so much beauty in the place to be bored.

    Thanks for visiting my site. :) and for adding me in your blogroll.

  3. wow! that's a great route, and nice weather too! :)

    great pics as well.

  4. great post! enjoyed reading it and looking at the pictures. Looks like a really nice place to run. The lakeside run is a dream. Thanks for sharing... Mariel

  5. Jules, great post as always! The lakeside trail is fantastic! Keep on posting them!