Tuesday, April 20, 2010

From Brew City

I'm writing this post from my hotel room in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I'll be here for work for the next three weeks.  There's really nothing much to do here.  As in, nothing. I'm trying to get a ticket for Game 3 or 4 of the Bucks-Hawks first round playoff series, but it looks like I'll have a hard time getting my hands on one. So, for the next three weeks, it looks like I'll just be working, working, working, and running.

As soon as I got to my hotel room and dropped off my luggage, I went for a walk around the area to see if the surroundings are suitable for running.  Turns out downtown Milwaukee is actually a runner's haven.  Wide, traffic-free streets with well-paved and equally-wide sidewalks, fresh air, nice cityscape and architecture that exude a somewhat old English feel, and daylight until well past 7 p.m.  As a matter of fact, during my brief walk, I saw lots of people doing a late-afternoon run.  Good thing I brought some running gear -- three sets, actually.  The temperature hovers between a low 6 to 12° Celsius, though, so I'll have to buy a top that can somehow keep me warm. 

Aside from the city grounds, other possible running venues that I can reach by foot include the Marquette University campus and the Lake Michigan LakeWalk. 

It's almost midnight here, and I'm exhausted from the very long trip.  I have to get some rest now because I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow.  I probably won't get to run until later this week, though. Good thing our office is just a couple of blocks away from my hotel.  I can probably run in the afternoons.  Let's see how my schedule would play out. 

Can't wait to explore Brew City -- in running shoes!


  1. Milwaukee, Wisconsin? Our of all the cities in the US? I thought Harrisburg, PA was bad. I dont particularly care for the center north of US. Especially Wisconsin. lol. Too bad you were not here then we can go running together. Well, at any rate, welcome to the US. I hope you enjoy your stay Sir. Come Again. lol. I think WI is were there is a lot of cheese or something like that? At least its not winter winter now.

  2. you are very lucky, indeed! you should be running,running, running, and working. c'mon, go out and run and bring your camera with you. hope to see wisconsin on your next post.

  3. Hey you're in Brew Town! Make sure to grab a few before you run haha. Grab a lot of pictures bud :P Swerte ah, playoffs pa. Milwaukee won pa btw :)