Monday, May 3, 2010

Blogging in Vegas

It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon here in the US and I'm at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, waiting for my connecting flight back to Milwaukee.   I have a couple of hours to kill, a laptop that's fully charged, and free Wi-Fi internet connection.  Might as well jot down a few thoughts on the weekend that was.

I had an awesome weekend with my brother and his family in Sacramento, California.  It was my nephew's thirteenth birthday, so the timing of my visit was perfect.  It was definitely great to be with my brother and his wonderful family once again (the last time I visited them was Christmas 2008), and we spent the weekend just catching up, goofing around, and having fun.  We don't get to do this often because we see each other only every other year, so it was something that I was definitely looking forward to. 

The weather in Sac Town was absolutely perfect for running, but I didn't even attempt a run.  I only had less than two full days to spend with family, and I did not want to take a single minute away from that by heading out for a run.  It would have been a great run, though, because my brother's neighborhood is just perfect for running.  But then again, this is one of those moments when running (or anything else for that matter) just had to take a backseat to the more important things in life.  

The next two days will be my last here in the US, and I'll be flying back to Manila on Wednesday.  I'll go out for one last run in downtown Milwaukee tomorrow night, and after that, it's goodbye, Wisconsin! I'm just excited that I'm almost on my way home.  I can almost smell the sweet and polluted Manila air!


  1. Regards to Kuya Jomel and Ate Jen. See you soon brad!

  2. welcome home party? have a good one, bro

  3. Thank you Jong for taking the time to visit us. We are so happy to have you here even for a short time. Have a safe flight and hope to see you again in November. You're the best! Extend our regards to Bam and JM as well.