Monday, January 11, 2010

The Road Ahead

We're barely two weeks into the new decade and already, it's shaping up to be a very promising year for me. Consider these:

Back on the Road

As I've mentioned in my previous post, my right knee has already healed. My month-long hiatus is finally over, and my last two training runs - a 10k and a 15k - were both completely pain-free.

A pic of my 15k run last Sunday at my BHS-McKinley Hill route, from Garmin Connect

Running Goal # 1

I've always maintained that my two main goals as a runner are (1) to join and finish a full marathon and (2) get wifey to join me on the road and at least give running a try. I'm amazed that I am now very close to realizing both goals.

With regard to Goal # 1, I've already signed up for the Condura Skyway Marathon on February 7. I lost a month's worth of marathon training due to a knee injury, but the problematic joint seems to have already healed and has been very cooperative as I try to make up for lost training time. I have also been doing some research on proper nutrition and hydration strategies for before, during, and after the marathon. I am confident that my preparations will help me finish and enjoy my first full mary.

Can't wait to take on the Skyway for the very first time!

Running Goal # 2

Goal # 2 is also nearing completion. Over a candle-lit dinner at Antonio's in Tagaytay during our fifth wedding anniversary last week (8 January), wifey and I made a pact that we would start doing more things together. And so, we agreed on this: She will go running with me, and I will do... Bikram Yoga with her. Don't laugh. I know it seems to be a steep price to pay, but if only you had even the faintest idea of how averse wifey is to sweat and exercise, you will realize that the price isn't that steep after all. Besides, a lot of people have told me that yoga can and will help my running and my over-all wellness.

As a display of goodwill, wifey actually purchased some running (and yoga) apparel at Nike BHS. She even went to Runnr with me and - get this - actually checked out their merchandise. She also agreed to give in to my other long-time request: For her to start drinking more water.

Wifey's spanking-new Nike running apparel and Air Pegasus+ 25.

Tomorrow, wifey and I will go running/walking together at BHS. After that happens, I can die a happy man.

My Wish List Granted

Last December, I started a forum thread in entitled "A Runner's Christmas Wish List." In my post, I mentioned how I wished Santa would give me a pair of black CW-X Pro Tights and a Garmin Forerunner 305. Although Santa miserably failed to deliver, I got both items anyway. I bought the tights myself just before Christmas, and wifey surprised me with the Garmin on Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas to me!

Upcoming Running Events

2010 will bring runners the Condura Run, the RunRio Trilogy, the TNF Thrill of the Trail, the NB Premiere Run, Adidas King of the Road, Quezon City International Marathon, the Anniversary Run, and a host of other excellent running events. There also are the running events in neighboring countries, such as the Hong Kong Marathon in February and the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon later in the year. There's nowhere to go but up as race organizers and managers gain more experience, big brands like Adidas, New Balance, Mizuno, and Nike continue their support of running and flood the market with excellent running paraphernalia, and running grows even bigger than it was last year.

Incidentally, I have already signed up for Leg 1 of the RunRio Trilogy -- the Century Superbods Run 21k. I was the very first registrant over at Nike BHS. When wifey and I went there at around 8 p.m., Coach Rio was actually there, still setting up the registration booth with one of his staffers. As soon as the booth opened, I immediately signed up -- while wifey begged that I ask Coach Rio whether Derek Ramsay would actually join the race. I dodged that one by asking wifey to just pick out some running and yoga gear. Thank God that worked.

My bib and timing chip for the Century Superbods Run 21k

* * *

With all the positive developments unfolding left and right, now is indeed a great time to be a runner. I am both thankful and proud to be a part of the growing Philippine running community, and can't wait to soak in everything that 2010 will bring to us eager runners.


  1. you are very lucky, indeed!for having those things that you wished for. good luck on your next races.

  2. May you have a fruitful and injury-free runs for this year 2010, Julius! Take care!

  3. Sir Jovie and Sir Rene, thank you both for dropping by. Let's all hope for a fruitful and injury-free year for runners everywhere!

  4. Jules, congrats on being pain free bro, and hmmm... Bikram? Wohoooo :D See you on the road again soon bud, tagal mo nawala.

  5. hi! i was reading your blogs and i must say that i enjoyed them. just curious. where did wifey buy your Garmin 305? i am planning to buy my husband, as well, e. i hope you can help me out. thanks.

  6. Hello, Marge! She ordered the 305 from Amazon and had it shipped to an address in the US, and then she made it "padala" by a friend who came to Manila. If I'm not mistaken, she got it for a very good price - less than 9k only.

    Thanks for dropping by, and I'm so sorry for replying just now. :)