Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Third World Country Blues...

So Manila won't be a Nike Human Race city AGAIN. Why am I not surprised? Just one glance at the list of race cities would give you an idea why Manila does not qualify:

Chicago, USA
Los Angeles, USA
Vancouver, Canada
Guangzhou, China
Mt. Fuji, Japan
Berlin, Germany
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Paris, France
Rome, Italy
Padova, Italy
Milan, Italy
Mexico City
Monterrey, Mexico
Guadalajara, Mexico
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel Aviv, Israel
Seoul, Korea
Bogotá, Colombia
Lima, Peru
Melbourne, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Brisbane, Australia
Auckland, New Zealand

The tag-line should say "The Day the First World Runs." Mexico has three race sites, and Nike could not squeeze a city like Manila in? If it's any consolation, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and even good old HK didn't make it either. A friend who works for Nike Phils hinted that there won't be a local run because Nike is cutting costs. Adi is holding KOTR, so why can't Nike host a local run? Oh well. It seems none of us can do anything about it, other than sign up for KOTR hahaha!

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