Thursday, June 2, 2011

With a Sense of Purpose

That was how I jumped back into training a couple of days ago, after a couple of months of down time.

Alright, maybe it still isn't quite as rigid and structured as the word "training" would suggest, but considering where I had been during the months of April and May, it really is not a stretch.  Three straight days of running.  Not of the ultra variety, but just three easy-paced 10-kilometer runs.  For others out there, it is nothing to get too excited about.  But for me?  The last three days have been nothing but solid.  The last time I had work-outs like the ones I had the last three days was when I was preparing for BDM. 

"Focus" is the buzz word for me these days, as far as my running is concerned.  After eight weeks of kicking back and drifting aimlessly, I am again working towards a goal.  Having completed the 2011 BDM 102 in less than 18 hours, I hope to be invited to the big dance in 2012: the Bataan Death March 160k Ultra Marathon.  BDM 160 is the race that will separate the men from the boys, and I hope to be good and ready in case Bald Runner comes calling.  Trust me, it is never difficult to get up for a shot at personal history, or perhaps, even self-discovery.

The road to what hopefully will be my first 100-miler is long, yet it is filled with opportunities for me to improve.  There will be marathons.  There will be ultras.  There will be weekend LSDs.  And then, there will be the weekday runs in between.  It's always easy to get psyched for a race, but I have always maintained that the short weekday runs are the ones that really forge discipline in a runner.  Running during weekends is usually easy, but running as the sun sets on yet another stressful day at work? It poses a different challenge altogether.

The target for this week is 82 kilometers, spread over six days of running.  Five weekday 10k runs and a 32k LSD on Sunday.  I have logged 30 over three days thus far, and I am eager to claim the balance.

My eyes are definitely on the prize.


  1. i enjoyed reading your blog from aug 2009 to present. it was like running with you . like you, family life and careet gets in the way but running gives me a different kind of high. so far ive only run several 10ks but reading your blog makes me want to go farther. thanks.

  2. ooopps! relax ka lang diyan...82K is too much to start from a 2-month rest & recovery. let's say, you can start at 50K on your 1st week and increase it by 10% the next on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday; rest or cross-train on monday & friday; and B2B on saturday & sunday with saturday as the longer LSD run. the total distance should be 50K until you reach 80K, maybe after 6 patient, not unless you want to have an injury again. good luck!

  3. @ Doc Avic - Your comment was very flattering. I'm glad that, somehow, my ramblings here make you want to go farther. Thanks for dropping by. Keep on running!

    @ BR - Hehe, too late! Yesterday's 15k gave me a total of 55 after 5 days. Rest today and then that LSD tomorrow. I might actually end up with 90 for the week. I'm forcing my body to adjust to the grind quickly, but I will lessen my load next week. Can't slack off - Fort Magsaysay is just a few weeks away. Thanks for the tips and the concern, though. I really appreciate it.