Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Inspiration Found

I am and have always been a fan of good and insightful writing. I always get a high from reading works written in simple and coherent prose, whose words are carefully chosen and exude an air of unmistakeable sincerity. Those gems really drive the point home and always - always - inspire me.

If you appreciate that sort of writing as much as I do, you might want to check out Dakota Jones' blog, Living the Dream, one of these days. Dakota is an American ultrarunner, a young up-and-comer (he's only in his early 20s) that is starting to make a huge name for himself in the US ultrarunning scene. I stumbled upon his blog one day as I was clicking the links on Bald Runner's blog roll. I have been hooked ever since and I always look forward to his next post.

Check out Dakota's entry entitled "Revitalized." Very insightful stuff that captured a lot of the thoughts that had been swirling in my head but which I have been unable to express with enough clarity. His race account for the recently-concluded Miwok 100 is also a very inspiring piece. The sort of stuff that you ought to read the night before a big race.

I went searching for inspiration, and I think I may have just found it in the writings of an enormously gifted young runner from half-way around the globe. 


  1. Awesome. Thanks for this--love good writing and it's cool to hear that it's coming from a young guy.

  2. That's Great Man, though, you are an inspirational writer yourself. Take care. Kenley

  3. the guy is a good writer and he is still in college. although it took me less than a minute to talk and have a pose with him, i have much respect to him for being very accommodating and friendly.