Saturday, September 18, 2010

Not Enough Time

Work has been a total bitch.

It has been awfully quiet here for over a full month already. Life is a Highway turned one on August 31, and not even a whimper was heard. Ah yes, work has been a bitch.  Really fun, but what a bitch.

I have been running very diligently, though. Not too many long runs, but I have been racking up the miles, nevertheless.  Working and running.  The story of my life.

CamSur Full is just a few days away - a week, to be exact. I'll do one last long run tomorrow - possibly 32k - and then it'll be taper time.  And then maybe, just maybe, I'll have some time to come up with a decent post.  Work = bitch.

Off to bed now.  Wait, have I already told you that work has been a bitch? 


  1. I sure can emphatize...just use running as your relaxation and you'll be fine...bitches can be tamed, can't they? :-)

  2. @ Sir Arthur - Thanks for dropping by and the well wishes. Have fun running Long Beach!

    @ Ed - Exactly what I'm doing. Running has been a great and much needed outlet. I have to stop whining and being a baby, and start being more thankful that I still find time to run. Hope to see you in SG!

  3. Sounds very bitching man. My work is something else. One week, I am getting enough sleep, and the next, I have to fight just to get in some great runs. Well, happy birthday to Life is a Highway. You know you want to ride it all night long. lol. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I will be there around March for 3 weeks. It would be nice to catch up and to maybe do some races. I need someone there to keep me informed of whats going on before I get there. My wife is already in compliance with this. lol. I would like to do a half or something. See what I can do in the Filipino Sun. Take care. Keep cracking!

  4. Good luck in Camsur! see you at the starting line =)