Saturday, August 14, 2010

Running the Gauntlet

According to reference sources, the expression "to run the gauntlet" has 15th century military origins and means "to race, as a punishment, between parallel lines of men who thrash one as one runs." "The knight was forced to doff his clothes and run the gauntlet." In idiomatic terms, the phrase has come to mean, invariably, "an onslaught or attack from all sides," or "a severe trial; an ordeal."

Beginning on the 26th of September, I will be running (pun intended) my own version of the gauntlet as I go through what I have just realized has become a rather hectic fourth quarter running/racing schedule.  This is what I have in my race calendar so far:

26 September - CamSur Marathon - 42k
10 October - 10.10.10 Run for Pasig River - 21k
24 October - Adidas King of the Road - 21k
7 November - New Balance Power Race 25k
13 November - Subic International Marathon - 42k
21 November - RunRio Trilogy: Leg 3 - 32k
5 December - Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - 42k

Three full marathons, two races that exceed the half-marathon distance, and two half-marathons thrown in for good measure - all in a span of a little over three months.  Of course, in between these races, there will also be the now-customary (read: mandatory) weekday training runs and weekend long runs.  If my wallet can overcome all of these, then so can I!

CamSur training has started, and by tomorrow afternoon, I will have logged 65 kilometers for this week alone.  I'm loving every minute of it, and my body is holding up thus far. I hope expect to emerge from this happy mess a stronger, smarter, and better-seasoned runner.   


  1. Wow, a very demanding schedule. Likewise, if your races were a job, Hope all of your workers are going to be showing up meeting the supply and demand structure. Best wishes on your training and "running the gauntlet". Just to fill you in, I will be in the PH in March next year. Hope to do a race or two whilst I am there. In the mean while, I look forward to following your 4th quarter gauntlet session of races. I just hope that for your sake, spears, swords, and stones do not enter the picture. Take care my friend, and more over not, enjoy and take it in, every single moment! Cheers!

  2. Just did 3 full marys plus plus in 64 days - enough to qualify me for Marathon Maniac entry level membership! They key to survival is to push just hard enough but never to shove. Listen to your body, hydrate and eat properly, and, yes, don't slack on the training runs and you'll be fine. Best wishes in all your upcoming races! If fate would smile just wide enough, maybe we can have a pic or two at the Marathon Singapore :-)