Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Whoever Goes to Farnborough?

It's my third day here in Farnborough, England.  It's about 40 minutes away from London.  I am here for work and will be staying here until the 18th. 

On my way to the office earlier today, I passed an enormous open field that was surrounded by what seemed to be a jogging/bike path.  It's only a couple of kilometers away from my hotel and is just begging to be explored.  On may way back to the hotel, I saw a good number of runners and bikers getting a nice early-evening work-out.  You could just imagine the envy I felt as I passed them as I was decked in a suit and leather shoes instead of a Climacool top and my NB 760s.

I haven't fully recovered from my jet lag and today was a long day of meetings and calls at work.  I would have wanted to go for a run, but as they say, "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak."  I think I really am getting old.  The good news is, the sun here does not set until 9:30 p.m.  As a matter of fact, 10 p.m. here looks a lot like 6:30 p.m. in Manila - the late stages of dusk.  I can get in a one or two-hour run even if I leave work at 7 p.m.   What's more, the weather here at this time of year is just perfect, and in the late afternoon it sits at a very comfortable 15 to 18 degrees Celsius.

I hope to get in a good run after work tomorrow.  I'll try to bring my point-and-shoot with me so I can snap a few pictures to post here.  I say "try" because, apparently, this part of England is not "tourist-y"" at all.  I tried snapping a few pics when I went out for a short walk yesterday afternoon, and people were looking at me in a funny way. 

I just can't wait to do my very first run on this side of the globe.  It's also going to be my first run since Milo so it's going to be at a very easy "picture-taking" pace.  An overly-delayed recovery run, I suppose. Hopefully, I'd be able to post some pics and take you guys along for a ride.  After all, whoever goes to Farnborough anyway?


  1. Happy running in foreign soils bro...always good to put a pair of running shoes, shorts, and singlet in your carry-on bag in case the luggage gets lost/waylaid or, as in my case a few days ago in Denver, the flight gets cancelled and you have to spend the night in some hotel...Cheers!

  2. Hope all goes well on your trip across the globe and you have safe travels. Take care and happy running.

  3. Hi Julius, never mind those people around during your snapping, just get us some of that farnborough. Bilisan mo nga lang ang pace mo dahil gagabihin ka na kung aabutin ka pa nang 10pm, hahaha. Happy running.

  4. @ Kenley, Ed, Vener - Thanks a lot, guys!