Thursday, June 3, 2010

Product Review: Multi-Purpose Ice & Heat Wrap

I had always wanted to try icing my knees after runs and pick-up basketball games. I am aware of the numerous benefits of this tried and tested remedy, and countless runners swear that icing the knees after runs shortens recovery time and provides instant relief from any fatigue, pain, and discomfort that result from long runs. Unfortunately, the batugan that I am, I've never gotten around to icing my knees because I find it such a hassle to prepare an improvised ice wrap. 

And so, you can just imagine how happy I was after I purchased a pair of Multi-Purpose Ice & Heat Wraps from Walgreen's during my recent trip to the US.  The Ice & Heat Wrap consists of a gel pack and a garterized pocket with Velcro straps.  The gel pack can be frozen or heated in a microwave oven, depending on whether you want a hot or a cold wrap, and is reusable.  Just freeze or heat the gel pack, insert it in the garterized pocket, and strap the wrap onto your knee. Very easy and hassle-free, no drips, no mess at all.

I used the ice wrap for the first time last Sunday after the Nature Valley 21k Run, and again yesterday and today after my 10k and 13k training runs at Ultra.  The product instructions told me not to leave the wrap on for longer than 25 minutes at a time, and that was exactly what I did. The cold compress felt great and did relieve my knees of the fatigue right away.  My knees felt fresh all of sudden - as if I never ran at all.  Cleaning up was also painless.  I simply pulled the gel packs out of the pockets and chucked them in the freezer.

 Relief for my tired knees

At only US$20 for two pieces (I might have gotten them on sale), the Multi-Purpose Ice and Heat Wraps are an absolute steal.  Definitely one of my best and most practical buys in a long long while.  Hands-down, a product that every runner needs and should have.

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  1. Wow, a combo heat and ice wrap. I have never tried to use anything for my body after any runs. I think I might just check those out. especially after my long runs now. Thanks for the review. Take care man.