Thursday, June 3, 2010

34th National MILO Marathon Manila Eliminations

The wait is over.

Registration for the 34th National MILO Marathon Manila Eliminations starts on Friday, 4 June, at the following locations:

(1) Toby's SM North Edsa - The Block
(2) Toby's Greenhills
(3) Toby's Parksquare 1

Registration at RUNNR starts on June 14.

This is what a lot of us have been training for over the last few months. It's time, baby.


  1. I love the poster! :)
    What's nice about joining races/marathon is that you not only achieve something for yourself but you also get to help others.

  2. As June 4th passed by, I am sure you are registered and ready to go. I wish you the best in this running endeavor. Hope all is well. Can't wait to read about this event in the future posts. As bridget said.....very cool poster. Thanks for sharing.

  3. is it free?? coz my classmates and i want to join this marathon..pls reply ASAP:) thank you soo much.

  4. Hi, Elaiza. Unfortunately, registration is not for free. Fees vary depending on the distance of the race, and you have to submit an empty Milo pack (at least 300g). For more info, check out Thanks for dropping by!

  5. sana si enchong gawin nilang model sa sunond na poster, hehe, swimmer tapos takbuhan ang poster, LOL, bagay naman...:)