Sunday, March 21, 2010

There's Always A First Time: Globe Run for Home 2010

I had a great time this morning at the 2010 Globe Run For Home. Except for the arrogant bouncers, the discrepancy between the actual race distance and my 305's reading, and the absence of a 21k finisher's medal, everything about the race lived up to what I've come to expect from a race organized by Finishline and Coach Rio. Interesting route, overflowing hydration, plenty of marshalls, plentiful km markers. World-class. 

No, I did not set a new PR. I had my sights set on a 2:05 finish, but I totally forgot that the route featured a run on the Kalayaan Flyover, a.k.a the PR Buster.  The brutal course and the apparently inaccurate route distance (my 305 showed 21.81kms.) conspired to hand me a 2:14:58 finish. Still  not bad. This actually is my best time for a 21k race that features the flyover.  I also hit the 21k mark at 2:09:58, just 14 seconds behind my official 21k PR of 2:09:44. Check out my splits here. So, it wasn't a total loss after all. Go 6:1 Galloway!

Details of my run from Garmin Connect

The race marked several "firsts" for me. For one, it was my first time to start and finish a race at the Makati CBD.  The atmosphere at the start line along Ayala was great, and the atmosphere at the finish line along Paseo de Roxas was even better.  It almost felt like I was in another country. The set-up had a "Hong Kong-y" and "Singapore-y" feel to it. Nice touch.

For the first time, I ran without music blaring in my ears. I forgot to charge my iPod the night before, thus forcing me to race without music for the first time ever. And you know what? It felt GREAT. I ran faster because I wasn't running to the tempo of a song that would've been playing in my ears had I brought along my iPod.  It was a new experience, hearing my breathing and the conversations of other runners around me.  I overheard a 21k runner tell another 21k runner: "'Pare, wag kang uminom ng tubig. Bibigat ang tiyan mo. Kaya 'to ng walang tubig!" Genius!

And the highlight of the race? Wifey FINALLY ran her first ever road race. She did 3k with an officemate, and she was actually complaining that it was bitin! She has agreed to do 5k next time around. Oh boy, I must have done something good last week. My prayer has been answered!

His & Hers

In addition to these firsts, I also reached a personal running milestone: 1,000 kms. Since I started logging my runs on 13 July 2009, I have already ran a distance of 1,005.64 kms. I'm looking forward to the next 1,000 kms with great anticipation, hopefully with wifey running alongside me. Hey, stranger things have happened! :) 

Here are other snapshots from Globe Run For Home 2010: 

At the 21k start corral

Crossing the finish line, turning off my timer - 2:14:58

With our friends Javi, PJ, and Fats

With our friends Raymond and Adele, who finished her first 15k race

Post-race breakfast at Flapjacks. Killer omelette and french toast! 

Another running goal done. Two more to go - BDM 102 and NYC!

Next up for me will be the Mizuno Infinity Run on April 11 - only my second 15k race ever. The goal is to finish at 1:20 -- and to erase the rookie mistakes committed during Urbanite Run 2009. 


  1. Congrats on your run Atty. Julius. See you at the Mizuno run!:-)

  2. Am glad youre excited to do BDM! Whatever help you need, let me know :) Hubby and I will be mroe than willing to help as much as we can!



  3. Would like to know if you're already part of DailyMile? I can see you used your Garmin. DailyMile is an amazing website that I just stumbled upon two weeks back from another runner and at the end of this week ... it will have Garmin integration! You might want to consider it too!

    Anyway, do hope to see you at Mizuno!


  4. nice bambam! 5k next! (sorry julius hehehe, congrats din!)