Monday, December 14, 2009

(Un)Happy Holidays!


It has been almost 12 days since my last run -- a 10.83 km training run along my usual BHS-Lawton Ave.-McKinley Hill route. I played some pick-up basketball games two days after that, and I woke up the following day with a swollen and puffy right knee. I found this really strange -- and totally unexpected -- because I could not recall ever hurting my knee during any of the three games I played in.

I have reluctantly stayed off the road since then. The rest seems to be helping, as the swelling on my knee has somehow subsided. Last Saturday, I attempted an easy 5k run on a flat course to test the creaky joint. I was forced to abort my run after doing only a little over half a kilometer because I could not push off my right knee. Each time I pushed off it, I felt a mild sharp pain on the right portion above the kneecap. I then decided that the prudent thing to do would be to stop running and give my knee the rest that it probably needs.

For the past few weeks now, I have been training for what I hope would be my first full mary -- the 2010 Condura Run. This injury is definitely a setback that forces me to rethink my plans and, quite possibly, postpone doing my first full marathon. I am scheduled to run the Philstar Christmas Celebrity Run 21k on the 20th (and do an extra 8 kms after that to complete 29k), and even that is in serious jeopardy. It's very likely that I'll be laying off running for the rest of the year to allow my knee to heal properly.

The goal for now is simply to return to perfect health and be ready for the endless running and racing that awaits me in 2010 and beyond. In the meantime, posting blogs such as this one is probably the closest I can get to getting that runner's high.


  1. Blogging through an injury helps. I've done that first quarter of the year prior to 2009 Condura Run. I do hope your knee heals itself soon enough.

  2. Jules! Running + BAsketball = FAil (x_x) I could never stress this enough. The rapid, fast-twitch lateral movements that basketball call for is like tenderizer to a steak with regard to our knees. I hope you get well soon bro, text me if you need anything.

  3. Rico and Luis, thanks! Coming from running luminaries like you guys (naks!), I really appreciate it. Hope to join one of your LSDs soon!

  4. hahaha laughtrip, so thats how he looks like when he doesnt get any runs.. funneh

  5. Life Runner, thanks for dropping by. Yup, that Nike Mini can become sarcastic when he's "not getting any." See you on the road!