Friday, September 18, 2009

I can run in these!

Finally, I've purchased my second pair of running shoes. Yesterday, I excitedly left my office in Ortigas Center to head for the Adidas store over at Powerplant. The plan was to get either the Adizero Aegis, Adizero Tempo, or Adizero Boston. Unfortunately (or fortunately, as it later turned out), the gridlock along EDSA turned me off and I ended up heading for Runnr at BHS instead. The plan, however, remained the same - Aegis, Tempo, or Boston.

At Runnr, I was assisted by Toots, one of the running specialty store's staff. Toots was very patient, attentive, and fairly knowledgeable about running shoes. Runnr had the Aegis and the Tempo in my size (US 11). Toots brought them out for me and I tried both shoes on. While I was trying out the Tempos on the treadmill, Toots asked me whether I had already had my gait analyzed. I replied that, no, I have not, but that I thought my gait is neutral judging from the way the soles of my previous running shoes wore out. He then suggested that, since I was already on the treadmill, I might as well undergo a gait analysis. Since the service is free, I willingly agreed.

Toots asked me to roll my pants up to my knees and to take off my shoes and socks. This was the first step in the gait analysis - to run barefoot. Man, it felt strange running on a treadmill in a barong and dress pants, and without any shoes on! Based on the video clip of my barefoot run, it appears that I am actually a mild overpronator. So much for my supposedly neutral gait...

Now that we were certain that I am not a neutral runner, we were ready to embark on a search for the ideal pair of running shoes. Being a mild overpronator, I would be best served wearing stability running shoes. I slipped into the Adizero Aegis and took it for a test drive on the treadmill. The video of my run showed that the Aegis hardly corrected my pronation. I then tried on the Tempos. I've read very good reviews about the Tempos and heard glowing testimonials (thanks, Gingerbreadman!), and I was hoping that the gait analysis would show that these are the right shoes for me. Well, it was not meant to be. The video clip of my run in the Tempos showed that these provided even less support than the Aegis. What's more, they were too narrow and felt a bit cramped although they were the same size as the Aegis. Oh well. Sorry, Adidas. I tried, really.

Toots then asked me to try on the Asics Gel Phoenix. These shoes, although very chunky and sturdy-looking, are actually lightweight (but definitely not as light as those from the Adizero line). I tried them on and got back on the treadmill. The Asics Gel Phoenix felt great and completely wiped out my pronation. The video showed that, in these, my feet no longer rolled inward after they hit the ground. I took the shoes off and examined these very intently. As I stared at the Asics Gel Phoenix, I thought to myself: These don't look very nice! Hey, for recreational runners like me, it's not only the orthotics that matter. I'm also after aesthetics!

And so, I asked Toots (who had been very patient with me throughout this entire ordeal, er, process) whether he could recommend other shoes. He handed me a New Balance and another Adidas (I could no longer recall the models), but I didn't even bother trying them on. I was about to give up when Toots handed me yet another pair. This one came in white, black, and metallic grey with yellow piping. The shoes looked sturdy but not chunky, and not too "hardcore." I immediately tried them on and Toots recorded my run. The video did not lie - this pair worked as perfectly for me as the Asics Gel Phoenix. What's more, it's an absolute eye candy (at least as far as I'm concerned). I took off the shoes and finally told Toots that I would get them.

Here, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, are my new stability running shoes - the Nike Zoom Structure Triax 12:

Many thanks to Toots, who remained very patient and attentive throughout the entire hour that I spent looking for the right pair of running shoes. To the management of Runnr, give the guy a promotion!

And finally, to my trusty and ever-reliable Nike Lunarglides, don't you worry - there's more than enough miles for you and your cousins to conquer!

Now, it's time to take these babies out for a spin...


  1. Wow. New shoes. New motivation. I like.

  2. Hi, Jinoe. Thanks for dropping by. Hope to meet you at RotaRun this Sunday. Take it easy, bro!

  3. Nice shoes, zoom it fast. I go with aesthetics too.

  4. Sweet, nice shoes man. Too bad the Adizeros didn't work out for you, but it's better to have a pair that's truly suited for you. Hey same boat here, aesthetics mean a lot haha. Nako you'll be really inspired to run na niyan man :)

  5. Nice choice. That model has thicker rubber soles built for road races. You will get a nice mileage(700-800km) on that shoes. Goodluck!

  6. Run Unlimited, thanks! Added your blog to my blogroll, too.

    Luis and Sam, thanks! I tried them out last night. Very short "formality" 6k run around BHS lang, because my friends were already having beers at Clawdaddy haha! Still getting used to the reduced level of cushioning (as compared to my Lunarglides), but very good ride over-all. Sayang nga ang adizeros - they looked really "angas!"

    Luis, hope you won't mind if I tag along with you and CJ in one of your Ortigas runs. :)

  7. Julius you're free to join us anytime man, just txt me. Oops you don't know my number haha. Um, email me your number through the contact form on my blog, I'll text you :)

    Btw, Run Unlimited is actualy preeminent blogger/running idol/nice guy Vener, one of our fastest at who qualified for the Milo National Finals this year :)

  8. Luis, thanks a lot, bro! I'll visit your blog and leave my number. :)

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