Monday, September 7, 2009

UNICEF Charity Run 2009 (Hong Kong)

Like most runners, I too would like to experience running a race abroad. This looks like the perfect opportunity. I came across this one in one of the threads in The UNICEF Charity Run 2009 will be held in Hong Kong on 29 November 2009. It so happens that I will be in HK from 24 to 29 November. Is this a sign or what?!

The UNICEF Charity Run will feature a half-marathon and a 10k run. The registration fee is a bit steep (HK$380) compared to the fees for local races, but I'm sure the experience (and the singlet!) will be worth every single HKD. I'm thinking this one over, but I already have the wifey's blessings. If logistics permit, I might give it a go.

For more info on the UNICEF Charity Run 2009, click here.

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