Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Way of the Cross, Ultra-Style

Guimaras island has - get this - a 70-kilometer version of The Way of the Cross.  The route spans the circumference of Guimaras island, and each of the Stations of the Cross are spaced approximately five kilometers apart. A news program on ABS-CBN the other day featured an old woman who has been doing the ritual for a few years now. If I heard it correctly, her annual Lenten sacrifice consists of walking the entire 70-kilometer route in two to three days. No, she did not have a support vehicle. From the video footage, it seemed that the route traversed a well-paved and scenic highway, a la Mayon 360.  I'm not being sacrilegious or anything here, but I must admit that my interest has been piqued.

Paging Bald Runner...


  1. yes, i know the place. i've been there for two times during my stint as the Division Commander in the area and I personally know the Provincial Governor. we can run around the island without any support vehicle and each runner should be self-sufficient. we have to schedule this!

  2. @ Sir Jovie - Perfect! This is going to make for one excellent run. I'm sure your "usual suspects" will want to participate also. Please keep me posted, sir. If i can help in any way, just let me know. As early as now, I'm in!