Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wanting It Badly

To this day, I still almost nod in agreement each time I recall the classic words of my old professor in Criminal Law: "There are only two things in life that you pray you will never have to do twice: To get married, and to take the Bar exams."  I remember that our entire class laughed when we first heard the line. It sounded more like a punchline back then, especially to us clueless freshmen who had no idea of what law school and life really had in store for us. 

By the time I was wrapping up my fourth and last year in law school, I already knew that my professor's words had been true all along. I can still recall how, while I was taking the Bar exams back in '02, I was extremely careful about all the things I said, did, and thought --- in the hope of attracting enough good karma to help me hurdle what arguably is the toughest licensure exam in the country. After four years of the Socratic Method, tens of thousands of pages read, countless cases digested, and six long months of living like a hermit as I prepared for the Bar exams, I was sure as hell that I did not want to take the freaking test more than once (and I never did - one click!). 

It was pretty much the same way when my wife and I were preparing for our wedding back in '04.  Given the amount of preparation and sacrifice that we both poured into making sure that everything would work out right on our wedding day (we saved up and spent for everything), we knew that we had to steer clear of anything that would and could ruin the event. I recall that we observed practically every bit of superstition with a shrug of the shoulder, and just reminded ourselves that "we won't lose anything naman if we do it."

Over dinner last Monday, I confided in my wife and told her how dejected I felt over the possibility of missing BDM 102 because of my injury. And why wouldn't I be? She and I both knew how much time and effort I poured into preparing for the damn thing. I was not able to follow my training program to the letter, but we both knew that I did put in as much time into training as my body and schedule permitted. We both knew that thoughts of BDM consumed almost each of my waking hours, and that hardly any conversation passed without me blurting out something relating or alluding to BDM.  I told her that I cannot recall ever having wanted something this badly since my Bar exams and our wedding day. She believed me completely.

And just like that, it felt like I was back in law school, listening to my Crim Law professor deliver his prophetic line. Except only that I wasn't laughing.


  1. Don't worry sir, its not the end of the world*laughs*.

    There will always be next time (or next year). I missed BDM 160km as well since I lack training plagued by injuries.

    See you on your next race.

    The Running Ninja

  2. It sucks when you want something this bad, but then again it would be a mistake if this will be your "last" run given the condition/pain you're in.

    Lahat yata ng runners may "injury" story to tell. I started running 20 years ago, got injured bad mid 1993, I could not even finish a 2.2KM run without feeling pain on my left knee. It's an injury I have to live with up to this day. Back then kala ko kasi maubusan ako ng takbo hehe. Good thing I took it slow and let my body recover.

    I finished my first 42 in 1997 without any proper training and nutrition plan (Ran 3 and 12K and ate Lucky Me before the race). Took me 13 years to overcome the fear of the full marathon. Kung sabagay running along EDSA was not a good experience for me at all lalo na kung walang water on your way back, mind you wala pang mga hydration belts nun, good thing we had support coming from friend. It took the risk and paid the price. The things you do when you're young.

    I still run but I'm more careful now. I listen to my body more treating it as a living organ and not as a machine. We have members in our org who run and finish marathons/ultra/triathlons in their late 50's and 60s. Ngayon at 38, sila ang idol ko.

    In the end for me it's all about longevity. For your BDM, If not now then maybe next year. Good luck and I hope you recover well.

    Eto naman galing sa prof ko :

    "Mas ok na ang drop kesa 5 hehe."


  3. The Bald Runner will be the one who will be laughing this time as you cross the Finish Line. I bet you will be crying as you will approach and hug me! C'mon, have fun, dude!

  4. Im with BR on this one. I know and you know you can and will do this. This year was not the year for me, but it will be for you man. Injury? I have a lot of catching up to do since I have not been in blog land for a while. More over though, this is a choice that you have to make yourself. Either way, you will come out of it one way or the other. At the finish, you will either be totally depleted or dead. Hopefully the first and never the later, but I say go for it. Take care man and Godspeed.

  5. Oh, have you worked on your pre race and race nutrition strategy? Hopefully, you wont eat anything that will make you go ppffffft on the course, but of course, you will bring a spare change of clothes right?