Friday, January 21, 2011

Crossing the Line

As I was stuck in traffic on my way to work yesterday morning, I started browsing through the files in my Blackberry, looking for stuff to delete. I came across the photo above - a random shot that I carelessly took during one of my walk breaks at last weekend's BDM Test Run 1, a.k.a. my first ultrarun. Only now have I realized how symbolic the image actually is.

It is the first kilometer post beyond Km 42.

And another journey begins.


  1. very nice! i bet those BDM Km Posts keep on making some "flashbacks" in your mind, to include in your dreams. if you admit it that such thing happens, then you are a future BDM 102 Finisher. it is ironic that your prize-trophy will be a replica of the same BDM Km Post which you can display in your office or home that will always remind you of your feat to do the impossible. good luck!

  2. @ Sir Jovie - I want that trophy! See you at Km 50 on Feb 12, and thanks for dropping by.

  3. That is just nothing short of Awesomeness Julius. I like the first marker by Jolibee in Mariveles, ready for a yumburger. lol. But back to a serious note, yeah, that is something else man. Just a mere 59 more to go huh? Take care man.