Saturday, December 4, 2010

Are We There Yet?

My first day in Singapore. Not my first time to visit this city state, but my first time to come here for a race - my fourth marathon and my first-ever on foreign soil. Wifey and I are staying at the Mandarin Orchard Singapore - about a hundred meters away from the Full Marathon starting line. It doesn't get any more convenient than this.

After a nice brunch and settling into our hotel room, we headed to Marina Bay to pick up my race entry pack.  The entire process was a breeze - a computerized database of registered runners, countless volunteers to man the booths, very spacious venue.  No long queues at all because today and tomorrow are devoted to foreign runners who have yet to pick up their race packs.

Outside the race pack collection venue

No sweat!
Asics singlet and the personalized bib - nice!
Game on!

One more full day of R&R before the big race. Best of luck to all my fellow Pinoy marathoners who will be pounding the streets of Singapore on Sunday.  Here's hoping that everything would turn out well for all of us, so that, come Sunday night, the brewskie would taste juuuust a little bit better! 


  1. Wow, I am excited for you man. I am sure that you will rock this Marathon real good. Best wishes to you and enjoy the time. Good Luck. Can not wait to read about the results.

  2. @ Sir Arthur - Thanks! The bitch is going down, I can feel it! :)

    @ Kenley - Still keeping my fingers crossed that you will change your mind. Check out BR's list and you might get hit by a bolt of of inspiration hahaha! Thanks as always, bud.

  3. good luck chief and all the best. this time you'll gonna nail that sub 5 down! =D

  4. @ Roelle - Thanks so much for the well-wishes. I'll run my heart out and pray that that will be enough. Cheers!

    @ Din - Thanks, Chief! See you in Cebu!