Monday, March 8, 2010

No Raining On My Parade: Unilab Run For Wellness 2010

The local running community is still raving over last Sunday's Unilab Run United for Wellness.  The latest feather in Coach Rio's cap was one of the best - if not the best - road races I've ever joined.  It was impeccably organized and attention seemed to have been paid down to the minutest detail.  Gun start was on time, the tables at the water stations were loooong and were well-stocked with water and isotonic drinks, bananas were in abundance (for 21k runners), kilometer markers were accurate, directional signs were well-placed, plenty of marshalls that actually knew what they were doing, accurate race distance.  After the race, freebies generously rained upon everyone.  21k finishers were awarded their medals immediately upon crossing the finish line. Race results were released the day immediately following race day (i.e., today). All told, I would dare say that the Unilab Run may just set the bar for local races in terms of organization.  It was that good.

On a personal note, the Unilab Run was special because I was able to establish a new personal best for the 21k distance. After doing a 2:14 in my previous half-marathon, I had my sights set on a sub-2:10 finish this time around.  According to my 305, I finished the race in 2:09:45 and had an average pace of 6:08 min/k. I once again used the Galloway method (6:1 ratio). Mission accomplished!

It's unfortunate, however, that, when the official results came out, I could not find my name. I had already sent both RunRio and Finishline an e-mail regarding the matter and to request that they double-check (and update) the results.  In any case, regardless of the outcome of my request, nothing could diminish my pride in setting a new PR.  There simply would be no raining on my parade this time around.

Here's a screen shot of the details of my run from Garmin Connect:

Thank God for GPS devices!

To view the actual page, click here.  That ought to be sufficient documentation. :)

Next up for me is the Globe Run for Home 2010 on March 21.  I'll again be doing 21k, and the goal would be to finish in 2:05 or better. But with each passing half-mary, the longing for redemption at 42.195k only grows so much stronger...


  1. i-42k na yan! hehe.

    congrats on your PR! :)

  2. Thanks, Daytripper! I already had my taste of a full marathon at Condura last month. I wasn't quite happy with my time (5:42), and now I want revenge haha. I'm doing it one half-mary at a time! Thanks again for dropping by!

  3. Congrats Julius! So you are planning a marathon revenge one half-mary at at time? Sige try ko maki-catch up haha!

  4. Thanks, Rico! Yeah, I'm trying to do that, pero bitin talaga hahaha! I guess it's true - ain't nothing like the real thing. :) See you at the races, bud.