Monday, February 15, 2010

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Better make that a "running" stone.

It's shaping up to be a very busy (and expensive!) racing year for me.  Just last week, I completed my first full marathon, the 2010 Condura Skyway Marathon.

Next Sunday, 21 February, I'll be running my third half-marathon - the Century Tuna Superbods Run 21k. This race will be special because wifey will also be running her very first road race.  She'll be doing 5k with our friends PJ and Fats Pilares.

On 7 March, I'll be doing another half-mary at the Unilab Run United for Wellness 21k.  I've already registered for this run.

After the Unilab Run, I'll be doing yet another half-mary at the 2010 Globe Run for Home on 21 March.  I will register for this run later today.

Next will be my first-ever Mizuno Infinity Run on 11 April.  I'll be doing the 15k time trials. I've also registered for this event already.

Later in the year, I also hope to join the second and third legs of the RunRio Trilogy (21k and 32k, respectively), the Anniversary Run, the New Balance Premiere Run 25k, and maybe another local marathon.  Adidas KOTR 2010 will also be in the mix, and maybe even the second staging of the Kenny Rogers Urbanite Run. Finally, I hope to end the year right by doing another full at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon in December (I hope I get a slot!).

And by 2011, who knows? I might finally summon enough guts to give ultrarunning a try.  Baldrunner's 2011 BDM 102 is the plan goal. 

With so many great races lined-up for this year and beyond, these are indeed exciting times for me and for the Philippine running community as a whole.  The sport is experiencing unprecedented growth as more and more people are beginning to advocate a healthier lifestyle. Corporate sponsors are feeding off the momentum and are themselves giving the sport an added boost.  Ultimately, however, this "thing" will only go as far as we runners are willing to take it. Here's hoping that this is only the start of bigger things to come, and that even better days are just around the next kilometer post.

See you on the road. Stay strong, be safe!


  1. Julius-- i think you picked the best races for 2010, all worth joining! See you around.:-)

  2. Hi Attorney,

    FYI, next year's edition of BDM will include the San Fernando-Capiz Tarlac route, it will be the full BDM route so that will be a 145km ultramarathon. More months to prepare!

    See you there!