Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Plan B: The "2010 Tsim Sha Tsui Oceanview Run"

I'll be in Hong Kong over the weekend for a little R&R with wifey and my mom.  Of course, I plan to squeeze in at least one easy run while I'm there.  Thanks to, I was able to find a neat running route near the hotel where we'll be staying.  The route author calls it the "Tsim Sha Tsui Oceanview Course," and the highlight of the route is the stretch traversing the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade.  It's a very short run, only 6.9k. If our schedule would permit, I will stretch the route to cover the Avenue of Stars, HK's version of Hollywood's Walk of Fame. Hopefully, I can get the route up to my usual 10k training distance.  I plan to run at a very easy 6:30-7:30 mpk pace because I'll be having my trusty point-and-shoot camera with me.  I expect it to be a chilly run as well -- according to Yahoo! Weather, the temperature during our four-day stay in HK will range from a cool 19 to 22°C.  Good luck warming up! I'll probably have to run in my tights.

Here's the route map, taken from

Click picture for a larger view.

I'll do my run on Saturday because, on Sunday, 28 February, I hope to catch a glimpse of the start line of the 2010 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon.  I plan to do the SCHKM next year.  For now, I'll only be a mere spectator, and I'll have to console myself by doing my very own one-man "2010 Tsim Sha Tsui Oceanview Run."  Definitely not a bad consolation prize.  Coincidentally, the starting point of my run will be within the vicinity of the start line for the SCHKM.

I'll post pictures of my Oceanview Run and the SCHKM when I get back.  Man, it's going to be a great trip!


  1. it's nice to run on new routes, and have a feel of the race, for future participation. enjoy your trip!

  2. Plan C: Play bandit to the SCHKM. check route if it passes by or near your hotel and end it there.:-)

    have a nice trip!

  3. Jet, thanks! Good luck with BDM. See you in the races, bro!

    Sir Rene, naisip ko rin yon, but I'm worried that the marshalls might be strict. Baka ma-deport pa ako hahaha! But Plan C sounds neat. It was actually my secret plan haha. Thanks for dropping by, sir.