Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Impressions: The 2010 adidas adizero Tempo

I must admit that I acted on sheer impluse when I got myself the 2010 edition of the adidas adizero Tempo. My purchase was driven mostly by my attraction to the color way of the shoes, which I found to be more attractive and malamig sa mata (visually refreshing) compared to that of the previous edition. Based on sheer looks alone, I would say the new adizero Tempo is a definite upgrade over the previous edition.

Now let's look under the hood. Just like last year's edition, the new adizero Tempo features an air mesh upper that allows for maximum ventilation. The patented ForMotion design is still there, allowing the adizero Tempo to adapt to the running surface to ensure a smooth run. The adiPRENE+ cushioning in the forefoot has been retained and provides protection for the forefoot. And finally, as in the previous edition, overpronation is prevented by the Pro-Moderator medial support device.

And now, the enhancements. The new adizero Tempo boasts a number of features that were not available in the previous edition. For one, the outsole of the new Tempos is now made of blown rubber, a highly durable but lightweight material that gives superior grip and cushion. The previous edition had adiWEAR outsoles. The new Tempos use the patented adidas Torsion System for midfoot integrity. What's more, unlike the old Tempos, the new Tempos also has adiPRENE in the heels to provide superior cushioning at impact. The new Tempos are miCoach-compatible. The adidas miCoach is adidas' answer to Nike+, and will be released in the Philippines in the coming months. And lastly, just when you thought these kicks couldn't get any lighter (the previous edition weighed a feathery 11.3 ounces), would you believe that the new adizero Tempo tips the scales at only 9.52 ounces? Now that's really light!

Here's a summary of the features of the old and the new editions of the adizero Tempo:

Last Sunday, I put all of these high-tech sounding features to the test by doing a 25k LSD at my usual Bonifacio Global City/BHS - McKinley Hill - Bayani Rd. - Heritage Park - 5th Ave. route. Including my pitstops at several 7-Eleven stores, I completed my run in 3:19 - more than enough time for me to get to know the new Tempos a whole lot better. And I must say, the new Tempos did not disappoint. They were extremely light - it felt as though I had only my socks on. The air mesh upper kept my feet cool, and I actually felt air seeping into the shoes. The cushioning and the ride were great, quite unbelievable considering how light the shoes were. In terms of bounce and cushioning, this version of the adizero Tempo is almost comparable to the Nike Lunarglide+ (which I also use and absolutely adore!). The shoes felt stable and hugged my feet perfectly. By the end of my long run, I felt no pain whatsoever on my feet, knees, and legs.

Not having been contented with the 25k slow run, I went on another 11k training run last Tuesday, at tempo pace. At the faster pace, the new adizero Tempo felt even better. Unbelievably light, very good bounce and cushioning, superior maneuverability, outstanding grip and traction. What a great ride!

The new adidas adizero Tempo is as good as advertised. Adidas wasn't kidding when it said that the adizero Tempo is the "ultimate lightweight stability running shoe." Very good trainers that can also be excellent (and great-looking!) race day shoes. The price is a bit steep, but, in my opinion, you get great quality and definitely your money's worth. I'll defnitely run the Condura Skyway marathon in these.

Good job, adidas!


  1. Nice review. I wear a tempo myself - the 2008 version :-)

  2. Great review.
    I have question - I have adidas adiSTAR control 5 ( which are great ) and now I want to order adiZERO Tempo, but I'm not sure for the sizes.
    I wear 10,5 - is it safe to order adiZERO in the same size, or they are smaller?
    Could somebody please help me?
    Thanks in advance.